IMPORTANT: Parental choice in education VOTE coming up TOMORROW!

Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts HB2238 crossed it's first hurdle today and passed through subcommittee. Tomorrow, Jan. 28th, it heads to the full education committee at 8:30AM.

While there were a number of individuals and organizations speaking in favor of the bill and ESA's in general, organizations who aren't in favor of school choice options showed up in opposition. We are anticipating a very dynamic committee meeting, with a very close vote. 

Please call your delegate TODAY to express support forHB2238. Every call, and every vote on the committee, is critical.

We've attached a form letter for your convenience - please use this when communicating to your delegate.  We've also listed below those Education Committee Members toward whom we'd like to direct calls, so please call away!

Davis, Glenn R.  (804) 698-1084

Leftwich, James A. (Jay)  (804) 698-1078

LeMunyon, James (804) 698-1067

Yancey, David  (804) 698-1094

Rust, Thomas (804) 698-1086

Yost, Joseph  (804) 698-1012

Massie, James P. (804) 698-1072
 Thank you,

The Middle Resolution Team