Thank you!


Dear Cate,

Thanks to you, we have overcome a huge hurdle on our way to provide more choice in education in VA!

Your calls to your members of the House of Delegates on behalf of HB2238, Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts, passed with a bi-partisan vote of 57-42.

Through passage of this legislation, struggling Virginia families with special needs students will have access to a more customized learning environment and an alternative path for a best-possible education for their children. 

Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts will go a long way in helping to contain the spiraling cost of special education needs that are facing our public school system. 

Already, in other states these Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts have been tremendously successful. "A survey of families using these accounts show an amazing 100% parental satisfaction rate. With 90% of the per pupil state funds going to the PCESA, the remaining 10% stays with the state, and 100% of the local dollars stay in place in the district schools, resulting in a substantial net savings to the Commonwealth while meeting a serious need." --Delegate Dave La Rock

Now it is time to call the Senate in support of HB2238. Let your senator know that you support HB2238, either by phone or email. A message as simple as, "

Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts will provide options to special needs students who need them most. Please support HB2238. It will help children both in and out of public school at no additional cost to the Commonwealth. Please support this bill."

Again, thank you for the work you've done - we're one step closer because of it!