Another Victory!

We - YOU - have accomplished another amazing victory on HB2238, Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts! After surviving a total of SIX committee hearings, HB2238 was referred out of the Senate Education and Health Committee, despite the opposition coming out in force. YOU made history!
In case you’re interested, here is an example of the verbal exchanges that took place between opponents and supporters of parental choice in education. Mr. Pat Lacey, a representative from the VA Superintendents Association, was asked by Sen. Tom Garrett, “What is the goal of the VA education system? Is it to provide a quality education for our children or protect the education bureaucracy?” Mr. Lacey was speechless, - he couldn’t answer the question. Mr. Lacey’s silence speaks volumes about how education bureaucrats view the purpose of education in VA.
The battle is not over and we cannot yet rest because the goal of education must be for our children and not to protect bureaucrats!
HB2238 is now on its way to the Senate Finance Committee, where it will be met with continued opposition. We must continue to call, email and even go to Richmond to see our Senators to let them know of our support for HB2238.
This is an amazing accomplishment, especially considering that we were told months ago we would never get this far! It is because of your support and activism that we have made it this far, but we cannot let up now. We need everyone to once again call/email their Senator and tell them to vote for HB2238
Congratulations, keep going and THANK YOU.