Did you hear?

Did you hear? We have some breaking news for you: NAACP has endorsed our bill, parental choice educational savings account (HB2238)! Bi-partisan support of this common sense legislation is what we needed - and with this endorsement, it's what we got.


Delegate Dave LaRock put it best when he said: "The NAACP's endorsement shows that this issue transcends politics. We cannot turn our backs on special needs children who are locked in schools that are failing them. School choice shouldn't just be for the wealthy; it creates an opportunity for a child's fullest potential to be met. This issue is turning into a turf war, and the NAACP has decided to support special needs children over special interests, for which many families will be deeply grateful."


You can read Delegate Larock's press release here.

You can read NAACP's statement here.


Even thought HB2238 survived another brutal attack by the education bureaucrats by passing Senate Finance Committee with a vote of 8-5, our work is still not done. We still need you to take two more actions:


1. Unfortunately, Senator Watkins (R) was the only Republican to vote no on HB2238. We will need his vote to pass it on the floor in the Senate. Will you call and e-mail Senator Watkins and ask him to put children, not bureaucrats, first?  Also, please post on his Facebook wall and ask him to support HB2238! Every single call,Facebook post and e-mail will make a difference. Please contact him today!

2. Please contact your Senator TODAY to express your support for HB2238!


Lastly, because we didn't send out our weekly update yesterday, we wanted to give you a brief rundown of where we stand with healthcare reform.  HB1918 and HJ637 both passed the Senate with amendments. They will both likely go to conference committee to work out the differences. Will keep you updated as more unfolds. 


Session is almost over, but the battle for liberty wages on...We'll continue to keep you posted, but in the mean time, THANK YOU for all that you do.