An inside scoop that's a game changer

As we move forward from the legislative session and build upon our victories, we wanted to give you an "inside scoop" on lessons learned, specifically as it pertains to our parental choice in education effort:

1. Education Update:

The bureaucrats in public education associations (Educrats) are only interested in one thing - maintaining power and influence. They have no interest in helping children acquire a quality education.

When asked by Senator Tom Garrett, "What is the goal of the education system in VA? Is it to provide a quality education for every child in Virginia or is it to protect the education bureaucracy?" Pat Lacey, a representative of the VA School Board Association, refused to provide the obvious answer and was speechless. As one long time educator put it, "His silence was stunning! "

During this session of the General Assembly the Educrats continually demonstrated vehement opposition to giving parents a choice in education. This goes to the core of what they believe - that you and other Virginians cannot be trusted in choosing the best education for your own children.

We know there are hundreds of wonderful teachers and administrators in our public schools who truly have our children's best interest at heart. Unfortunately for them, their representatives in the education associations do not.

During the coming election cycle we will show legislators who have pandered to these misguided, self-interested associations that aligning themselves with these groups makes them susceptible to constituent disapproval and will jeopardize their future elections. 

2. SEEDS (Securing Equal Educational Development In Society) - A Game Changer: 
Developing relationships with minorities has always been a goal of The Middle Resolution. Our principles are shared by people from all walks of life. People, no matter what gender or race, share our goal of securing the best education for our children. Educating our children is not something that should be politicized. 
Through our collaboration with SEEDS, we have been able to break that barrier. SEEDS is engaging minority groups at the local level with the objective of developing trusting relationships. They, like us, agree that children, especially those with special needs, must be put before bureaucrats and hidden political agendas.

3. SEEDS Is Beginning to Bear Fruit:
We witnessed the first results of this effort when the state and Fairfax County local representatives of the NAACP came out in support of Parental Choice Educations Savings Accounts.  This was a spectacular development that caught everyone in the legislature off guard!

This development threw our opponents into a panic! Within two days of this endorsement, the Virginia Education Association, Democrat Senators McEachin and Locke, and the National NAACP applied "heavy lifting" tactics to get those local organizations to reverse their endorsement. It is a tragedy that national leaders and state politicians would apply such tactics to force local leaders to stop helping their communities.

Nonetheless, this has allowed us to develop relationships with these local groups and expose the ulterior motives of their national leaders.

These local advocacy groups clearly see the challenges with our public education system and are looking for solutions. Our new relationships will help us develop a ground swell of support with constituencies who have in the past voted for our opponents.

The creators of SEEDS have intentionally developed a replicable model that can be introduced into any community. To put it bluntly, SEEDS is a game changer! The Middle Resolution is excited about our continued collaboration with SEEDS because we believe this will generate a sea change in Virginia politics that hasn't been seen in decades.

As a supporter of Middle Resolution we appreciate everything you've done for the movement, and we know there are many groups you can support. But, as I hope our success has shown: an investment in Middle Resolution supports the best strategy for taking back our state.

We hope that we can count on your continued support. As always, you can make a contribution today on our website or can mail a contribution by to:

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We promise to use your gracious contributions with integrity and apply best business practices to achieve success.

Thank you for your support and may God bless the U.S. and our Commonwealth!