Our Endorsed Candidates are...

This has been a busy week as primary campaign season gears up around the Commonwealth...our team has been out and about working hard!
As you know, we at The Middle Resolution have endorsed three candidates: Glen Sturtevant, Vince Haley and Dan Moxley. So, we want to take this time to introduce you to all three of these principled candidates...

Here's a little bit about Glen:

Glen is running for Virginia's 10th Senate District. This seat is being vacated by Senator John Watkins.
Glen stands on strong, principled, common sense, conservative values. 
He will work for common sense reforms to our education system - to root out waste, fraud, and inefficiencies.
Sole Republican on Richmond Public Schools' School Board (1st District).
Glen is hard at work, bringing his message to the voters throughout the 10th District.
Learn more about Glen by visiting www.glensturtevant.com.

Here's a little bit about Vince:

Vince is running for the nomination to fill the seat vacated by retiring Senator Walter Stosch.  
Vince seeks to represent Virginia's 10th Senate District with strong, conservative, economic principles. 
He has signed a tax pledge that promises to "not just stop these regular tax increases, but to work tirelessly to reduce the tax burden on Virginians." 
Vince's three main issues: Reducing the tax burden on Virginians, pushing back on federal overreach (Obamacare, government regulations, federal mandates) fiscal and individual responsibility.
Learn more about Vince by visiting www.vincehaley.com.

Here's a little bit about Dan:

Dan Moxley is the former Chairman of the Augusta County GOP and is challenging State Senator Emmett Hanger for the nomination in Virginia's 24th Senate District. 
Dan is an experienced, small businessman.
He will work to reduce, not just manage, government growth. 
Unlike Emmett Hanger, Dan strongly opposes Obamacare expansion through expanding Medicaid in the Commonwealth.
Learn more about Dan by visiting www.danmoxley.com.

As you can see, we have a solid group of candidates. Primary Day (June 9th) will be here before you know it, so we'll be counting on your continued support to help us to ensure a conservative VICTORY. We have a chance to make history in the Commonwealth...are you with us?
Your Middle Resolution Team

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