2015 Electoral Consequences

Middle Resolution and its members have been and continue to be Virginia's leading organization that is willing to stand on principle and be the driving force behind constitutionally conservative leaders. In the recent primary elections, your Middle Resolution team backed three great candidates all of whom are great champions for limited government and individual liberty.

Yet in the final hour, our efforts were not enough to overcome the superior financial resources of our opponents.

Though we may have fallen short in achieving our primary objective, every action your Middle Resolution team takes is a part of our longer-term strategy in reining in government overreach and restoring our Republic. 

In each of these races, we were able to acquire important and invaluable data that will have a crucial impact on our efforts in the months ahead. Focusing on key strategic areas of the state, we will continue to expand the collection and use of this important data, but right now is the time to unite and focus our efforts in defending the state senate and ensuring a presidential victory in 2016.

The 10th Senate District general election this fall could very well be the linchpin in determining the success of our long-term strategy.

With our support, Glen Sturtevant’s team has already knocked 25,000 doors and has an excellent head start on his opponent, but Terry McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton are organizing a huge army of resources and activists to ensure that Glen is defeated.

The results of this one election could very well decide the future of our country and our opponents will undoubtedly bring everything they’ve got.

The question is... will you put forward everything YOU can in order to win? Or come November 3rd will you go to bed knowing that you could have done more?

This is the beginning of the final battle for the future of our Republic.

Our enemies have everything to gain and we have everything to lose.

There will be no “next time.” There will be no “tomorrow.”

Our Founding Fathers risked everything in order to create a government based upon the principles of individual liberty and freedom.  

If you believe those principles are still worth fighting for, your Middle Resolution team will continue to lead that fight, but we can’t do it without you.

If you have the ability, we humbly ask that you would reaffirm your support by making a contribution to The Middle Resolution today.

Together we will restore our Republic and return our country to its founding principles.

The future of our country and our commonwealth is in your hands.

Thank you for your support and may God continue bless our great Nation.



Your Middle Resolution Team