A New Generation for Liberty

Greetings! My name is Lauren Thompson, and I am intern with The Middle Resolution. I would like to take just a minute of your time to share a little bit about myself and describe my journey with Middle Resolution since I started interning with the organization in March.  
As a Richmond native, I have loved growing up in Virginia. I graduated from the University of Virginia at Wise in December 2014, and began to pursue a professional career in 2015. I would consider myself to be a passionate individual, especially when it comes to the subjects of music and politics, and I double-majored in political science and music in college. 

During my years in school, I worked several part time jobs, doing my best to pay my way through. I was raised by humble, hard working parents and strive to imitate their example. My father, Buddy Thompson, is the pastor at Life Church in Mechanicsville; growing up as a minister’s daughter taught me the privilege that it is to serve people. This upbringing has profoundly impacted the professional career I have chosen to pursue, which is centered on furthering the conservative cause in my community.
Working for a political action committee like Middle Resolution after graduation was a dream scenario for me. For one, my internship here is utilizing my education in government. Unfortunately, many college graduates are leaving school and entering a broken job market. They are unable to find opportunities that even remotely relate to the degree they spent four years and tens of thousands of dollars achieving. This is not the case for myself, as I have been fortunate enough to start gaining experience in my field right out of college and am I incredibly grateful for the opportunity. The insight and experience I am gaining each day as in intern at Middle Resolution is invaluable.

What excites me most about my involvement with Middle Resolution is the direct collaboration with a body that is upholding the values and principles of individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and limited government here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. I am seeing first hand the immense efforts Middle Resolution makes as they transform goals into accomplishments, and I am blessed to personally contribute to this effort.
I am passionate about the conservative cause, and always have been. It has been the driving force behind my pursuits in high school, college, and now at Middle Resolution en route to graduate school. Specifically, I recognize the urgent need for states' rights advocates to push back against federal overreach in this day and time.

If my generation remains apathetic to this massive problem then we have no hope for a prosperous future, and I refuse to accept that plight. The Middle Resolution is a PAC which has a proven record of executing this plan of action, and I am honored to be a part of it. The individuals on Middle Resolution’s team continue to impress me every day with their dedication, professionalism, and effectiveness. 

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and for your involvement with Middle Resolution! As someone who is personally benefiting and learning from the conservative vision at Middle Resolution, I thank you for the contributions you have made to this organization.

Your dedication grants Middle Resolution the ability to spread a vitally important message not only to political bodies, but also to a community of multi-generational conservative people.  I look forward to working with you as an intern of Middle Resolution to restore and uphold the values we need for success in this great Commonwealth of Virginia.


Lauren Thompson

Middle Resolution Intern