Cruz Endorsement for Haley!

Tomorrow is Primary Day, and we wanted to share an important endorsement that has just come in for our endorsed candidate in the 12th District, Vince Haley! Vince has just received the endorsement of leading conservative Senator and Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz!

"I am thrilled to have received such a powerful endorsement by a known and trusted conservative leader such as Senator Ted Cruz. It shows that even national politicians understand the importance of State Legislatures standing up to the lawlessness of the Obama Administration," responded Haley.

Click HERE for the audio of the auto-call from Ted Cruz. Read the endorsement below:

"Hi this is Senator Ted Cruz, and I am calling to encourage you to vote for Vince Haley to be your next State Senator.

Down in Texas we understand first hand the need to secure the border and to stand up against President Obama's unconstitutional amnesty plan. Vince Haley does as well. He is a Constitutional conservative.  The only way to reignite the promise of America, to turn our nation around, is for us to elect strong conservatives at every level of government.

Your conservative choice for State Senate is Vince Haley.

On Tuesday, June 9th, please vote Vince Haley to be your next State Senator. 

Thank you and God bless you."

This endorsement comes after an heroic ground game put forward by the Vince Haley campaign. Over the course of the election, Team Haley has knocked just over 16,000 doors, and made just over 11,000 live phone calls at the time of this press release. With over 27,000 voters canvassed, Team Haley has set what should be a new precedent for a State Senate campaign. And robocalls, literature drops, and other methods of increasing canvassing numbers were not used in this tabulation!

If you live in the 12th District, be sure to get to the polls tomorrow to vote for Vince Haley!


Your Middle Resolution Team