Middle Resolution Monthly Report

The Policy That Keeps On Giving

Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act, affectionately named Obamacare, has had 50 changes to date with 31 made by executive fiat. The most notable to date and the subject of a lawsuit (King v. Burwell) being decided by the US Supreme Court this June is the IRS rule that allows subsidies to be awarded to people who sign up for health insurance under the federal exchange. This rule essentially creates a new entitlement for 7.7 million people.
The reason for the lawsuit is that the ACA clearly states twice that subsidies are to be awarded to people who sign up for health insurance in “exchanges established by the state.”  There is no mention of subsidies for the federal exchange.
If King prevails and the subsidies are ruled unconstitutional, some 262 thousand businesses and 11.1 million individuals will be liberated from the mandates and penalties forced upon them by the ACA. Furthermore, the 7.7 million people receiving federal subsidies to purchase health insurance will be released from this entitlement.

However, the Treasury’s inability to recognize the limits of its own administrative authority does not stop there, it was just discovered that the Treasury also created a rule in 2011 that allows non-citizens related to citizens to who do not qualify for Medicaid to be eligible for subsidies as well. More duct please!

Campaign Update

The Middle Resolution carefully selects candidates who stand strong for state’s rights and advance economic growth for all Virginians. Once selected, we evaluate a campaign’s needs and provide staff, canvassing support, data enhancement, messaging strategies, predicitive analytics, targeted video ads and social media material--all strategically crafted to help win elections.

Today is June 7 and there is no busier time on a campaign than the last few days before the primary. All of the work that was initiated many months ago must coalesce at one time before Election Day. Conference calls with the staff keep everyone on track and provide insight into the campaign organization as staffers and volunteers stay busy late into the night. Mail arriving on time, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and contacting those remaining undecided voters reaches a frenzy in the critical days before the election. Building momentum and reaching a peak at the right time is critical knowing that the voters are at last engaged, making decisions about whom they will support.

Call to Action

1. Be sure to encourage your friends and family to join you in advancing liberty by voting June 9th. We have the opportunity to have a significant impact on the Virginia Senate by electing Vince Haley in the 10th Senate District and Dan Moxley in the 24th Senate District. Both these gentlemen have committed to pushing conservative fiscal policy that will create economic growth through reduced taxes and regulations, which in turn will create opportunities for all Virginians. 

2. Please join our efforts in retaining the Senate! Governor McAuliffe is still focused on expanding Medicaid. Although he says he wants healthcare for the poor, his primary objective for doing that is to get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016. If another 200,000 people are added to this entitlement, Virginia will have added thousands of new Democrat voters to the voter rolls. It is critical we hold the State Senate to prevent Governor McAuliffe from helping Hillary Clinton become the 45th President of the United States.

Stop the Mac Attack

Governor Terry McAuliffe has one goal this November and that is for the Democrats to take back the Virginia Senate. As we move into the General Election this coming November we will need your help to go up against the TMac fund raising machine. The Middle Resolution Team will be singularly focused not only on holding the senate but shepherding in vibrant young conservatives who have the energy to fight the entrenched big government politicians.