One Week To Primary Day!

Today is one week until Primary Day! This is the time when many people finally start paying attention to an upcoming election, so please keep your friends and neighbors informed.

For those in the 24th Senate District, on June 9th, we're telling Senator Hanger that Enough is Enough! Will you join us? Please forward to your friends in the 24th Senate District to remind them that Senator Hanger has betrayed us and we, the people, need to hold him accountable.

It's time for a new Senator to represent us. It's time for a new Senator who will listen to us. It's time we elect Dan Moxley as our next Senator.

Sign the petition HERE and visit to find out what YOU can do!

Furthermore, if you're in the 12th Senate District, come out to a conservative grassroots rally for our endorsed candidate, Vince Haley! This event will feature speakers including leading Pro-Life Congressman Trent Franks, and Larry Pratt, the Executive Director, Gun Owners of America, among many others!

The event will be held in Glen Allen, VA, and more info can be found HERE. Don't miss this GOTV rally for Vince Haley!

Thank you for standing with us down the home-stretch! Every effort, whether it's donations, door-knocking, phone calls, or talking with your neighbors helps!


Your Middle Resolution Team