Primary Day

Today is the day - it's Primary Election Day in Virginia! Your vote is needed to support candidates who are committed to a government that protects the Constitution, fiscal and individual responsibility, low taxes, and limited government regulation. 

Our endorsed Senate candidates, Dan Moxley in the 24th District, and Vince Haley  in the 12th District both need your support - every vote will count in these elections. If you don't live in the 12th or 24th districts, check HERE to o see your ballot, and if you need to find your polling place, click HERE.

We have been working tirelessly over the past weeks and months to elect candidates who will be public servants, and not sell-outs to party bosses or lobbyists. We could not have done all the phone calls, door knocking, signs, ads, and events for our endorsed candidates without your help.

Now we are asking for one last thing today - your vote! Please get to the polls as soon as you are able, and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.

We are blessed with the ability to make our voice heard in our great Nation and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Don't discount your civil duty - get out and vote today! Your support makes all the difference!


Your Middle Resolution Team