How Do We Grow the Economy in Virginia?

Last week we wrote to you about Virginia's distressing drop in the rankings for economic competitiveness among the states. What can be done about that?

Our endorsed candidate for the 10th Senate District, Glen Sturtevant, has a plan to grow the economy in Virginia. Watch his latest installment of "Conversations with Glen" on the topic of small business

As Glen says, small businesses should be able to focus on growing their business and creating jobs, not having to worry about their tax bill to the state government at the end of the year.

"I continually hear from many small business owners about how government red tape and higher taxes make it harder and harder to grow a small business and create good jobs in Virginia. In the State Senate, I will work to reduce burdensome regulations and keep taxes low so that businesses can get back to focusing on growing and creating Virginia jobs," shared Glen on Facebook.

Your help is needed to elect Glen Sturtevant to the State Senate, and bring economic revitalization to the Commonwealth. His seat is a critical Senate seat to push back against the Governor's economically destructive policies. Your gift today will make an important impact on Glen's victory in November


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