Your Help Is Needed To Stop Governor McAuliffe!

Your action is needed to stop Governor McAuliffe from steamrolling citizens of the Commonwealth. 

Since the Supreme Court’s decision regarding King v. Burwell, Governor McAuliffe has declared that he intends to leverage an opposing General Assembly with whatever means necessary to enforce Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Sound familiar? Virginia’s state legislature addressed this issue in 2013 with overwhelming support from constituents by pushing back against the Governor’s attempt to expand Obamacare and Medicaid.
While polls consistently reflect Virginians do not want to expand Obamacare, the Governor is turning a blind eye and wants to pass the burden up-line to a dysfunctional federal government.

Since 2013, states that have expanded Medicaid are proving it costs astronomically more than what is possible to cover. Due to overwhelming numbers of new enrollees, Americans are being wait-listed by the thousands. Meanwhile, those in legitimate need, such as poor families and retired seniors, are not able to access the quality care they were promised.
Virginians do not want increased dependency on federal government offering them less options and less care. What they truly desire is responsible healthcare reform promoting self-reliance, efficiency, and prosperity, such as: repealing Certification of Public Need laws, more access to direct primary care, and deregulating the market so providers can offer a variety affordable plan options.
Contact your representative and ask them to wisely lead Virginia into 2016 by protecting us from the Governor’s plan to further a failing and costly system!



Your Middle Resolution Team