'Back-to-School' Season Primer

Are you in shock the summer is coming to a close, and back-to-school season is upon us? We certainly are!

As we start preparing for the new school year, and begin thinking about the education policies that affect our children, grandchildren, and society, one thing is absolutely certain ---> every child deserves the opportunity of a great education.

Here at the Middle Resolution, we believe that parents know best when it comes to their child's education. That's why we support the creation of a Parental Choice Education Savings Account (PCSEA). You can read more about the proposed framework HERE.

A PCESA program would provide true parental choice in education. A parent would be free to choose a private school, a home school, or create a hybrid schooling option that meets a student’s specific need.

As the new school year gets back into session, we will renew our efforts to work towards education reform that would allow parental control and school choice. Other states have adopted education savings accounts, and we can do so here in Virginia, too.

Your support and involvement to help the Middle Resolution work towards and achieve these goals is greatly appreciated. We cannot do it without you!

Thanks for your support!


Your Middle Resolution Team