July Middle Resolution Month-n-Review

Introducing...Middle Resolution's MONTH 'N REVIEW!

What can you expect? Our goal is to provide you with a monthly review of Middle Resolution's preceding month's activities, including updates on policy issues, data analytics, voter engagement, and upcoming events.

We are intentionally keeping content areas concise so you can quickly read through and gain an understanding of the topics at-hand. If would like more information, you can always email us at info@middleresolution.org.

Campaign Review

Glen Sturtevant with supporters.

Glen Sturtevant with supporters.

It’s early August in Central Virginia. Temperatures in the 90’s with humidity levels to match are part and parcel of Richmond summers. For some campaigns, the summer represents the end of a long hard push to Primary day. For others, campaigns are gearing up for the November general election. Throughout this campaign season, the Middle Resolution team has been aggressively collecting accurate data at the doors and through phone surveys. All of the data collected are critical to providing valuable "Get Out the Vote" resources which will be used to maintain a Republican majority in the Virginia Senate this November, as well as to win Virginia for the Republican presidential candidate.

Having moved past the primary season and into the general campaign cycle, we are focusing our efforts on Glen Sturtevant, candidate for the State Senate in Virginia’s 10th district. As you may recall, Glen faced two opponents early on in the primary. Interestingly enough, after Glen was able to secure Middle Resolution’s endorsement along with several other key endorsements, Glen’s opponents dropped out of the primary. Glen won the Republican nomination without opposition and his campaign quickly moved into general election campaign mode in order to prepare for election day on November 3rd.

We are acutely aware of the importance of the 2015 election cycle. With a number of critical Senate seats being challenged in Virginia, we are carefully reviewing every race. Along with the Sturtevant campaign, we are committed to supporting other key Senate races to ensure the Republicans hold the Senate. We continue to believe that adherence to constitutional principles through targeted support for carefully selected candidates and ongoing legislative accountability are the keys to success in ensuring Virginia’s future. 

Policy Report

Since March, we have been reviewing legislation in several policy areas. In addition, we have been meeting with legislators, advocacy groups, think tanks, and grassroots organizers to prepare for the 2016 legislative session. We have also been meeting with non-traditional allies, as an opportunity to learn, prepare, and forge alliances on issues important to our mission.

During the 2016 legislative session, we will continue to focus on healthcare reform,parental choice in education, and pushing back against the federal government. We also hope to utilize our strong relationships with critical organizations across Virginia to make strides on criminal justice reform.  

Over the next several months, we will keep you informed of our many initiatives and provide you with more detail on each of these issues. Our objective is to educate you, so you can defend and promote your position come January when the 2016 legislative session gets underway.  

Upcoming Events

       Our next Membership Meeting will be held on September 16th from 7-9 am at the Historic Hanover Tavern. We hope you can join us!

       Our next Membership Meeting will be held on September 16th from 7-9 am at the Historic Hanover Tavern. We hope you can join us!

Intern Report: Meredith Hopper

As a Radford University communications and public relations major, I had the opportunity to work with the Middle Resolution over this past summer. From the beginning of my internship, I was included as part of the team, from sitting in on executive committee meetings to canvassing in Staunton for Dan Moxley. While working on the Moxley campaign, I encountered a diverse group of people, which was invaluable in helping me develop confidence and new relational skills.

I also expanded my knowledge by reading Confrontational PoliticsRules For Radicals, and Economics in One Lesson. Reading these books has helped me understand politics in ways I had not considered before, by teaching different solutions to politics and every day life.

By having the opportunity to intern at Middle Resolution, I was able to work with and learn from an incredible group of people, which will most definitely benefit me going forward. I am so grateful for the experience!

Meredith canvassing during her summer internship.

Meredith canvassing during her summer internship.

We hope you find our "Month 'N Review" helpful, and we welcome your feedback. Enjoy the rest of your summer!