You are invited to attend both sessions at each location or any one that fits your schedule!  Bring your entire group, all admissions to this training are PRE PAID.

Are you tired of reading and hearing bad news and getting frustrated?  It is kind of like working on your car without having any tools or knowledge of how to fix the car!  Leadership Institute is bringing the tools and the knowledge to get you back on the road!

Conservatives tend to be better informed on issues, voting records, and local challenges – but how to get that information out to folks who simply don’t have the time to be as informed as you are?!  How to start the local tidal wave to get things done, changed, stopped in its tracks!
This training is nuts and bolts.  How to overcome a local newspaper that prints one side of the argument, how to overcome the special interest that shows up just to get your taxes increased, how to win the argument and turn out the people to get things done!
There is something in this training for everyone, no special skills are required, just the desire to return sanity to government.

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